Critical Mass

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Critical Mass was founded when a design visionary and a successful entrepreneur came together with a focus on digital experiences in a rapidly evolving space. Over the next 25 years, we helped global brands reimagine digital and transform their businesses though strategic consulting, innovative creative ideas and cutting-edge technology thinking.

Today, we are 1100 employees across 11 global offices. Even though we’re much bigger than when we started out in Calgary, we remain true to our roots—we’re transparent, honest, passionate, and have a can-do attitude that our clients notice and appreciate. Our executive and global leadership team use an open and accessible management style to drive our success on all fronts: innovating our work and services, mentoring our talent, and ensuring we deliver of industry-leading work. We believe this is core to our success as a digital leader.

Our philosophy is grounded in the most important part of the digital experiences we deliver—the customer. We believe that the best customer experiences comprise two interrelated elements. The first is what we call “the invisible,” the hidden platforms, code, and business intelligence (data) that power smarter, more functional, personalized experiences. The second element is “the visible”—the interaction models, creative design, art direction, and content that your customer sees, feels and uses. When these two elements work in sync, and in service to the needs of the customer, then a brand will improve its business results and increase customer loyalty.